A Quick Catch Up

I last left you over a month ago, while I was in the midst of Solotober, so what have I been doing since then? Well thats what this post is going to be all about. On top of that I will give a quick overview for what I plan for the remaining days of 2022.Continue reading “A Quick Catch Up”

A Week of Gaming

Hello, last week I told you all about Solotober, a yearly challenge run over on boardgamegeek where everyone tries to play a game solo everyday for the entire month. In total 107 people have signed up for the month of fun! Here is a quick rundown of how the first week went for me. IContinue reading “A Week of Gaming”


One of my first ever posts on here was about the benefits of having a solo variant for your board game. Solo gaming has taken a bigger place in my life since I’ve moved to Germany and I have gotten more invovled with the 1 Player group over on boardgamegeek. There they take the soloContinue reading “Solotober!”

Who Needs Shipping?

Since the begining of the pandemic many in the Kickstarter world have learned about the shipping crisis the world is currently facing. With shipping costing more and more for games and many games having delays due to shipping over the past year less people are looking at Kickstarter to buy games. However, one trend thatContinue reading “Who Needs Shipping?”


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The Parsnip Post

Hi, I’m Chris, an aspiring board game designer from Ireland.

At The Parsnip Post I will focus on the development of my latest board game Wheel to Wheel Racing, marketing principles for running a crowdfunding campaign and reviews for games aimed at two players. On top of that I will also write about anything else that comes up in my journey of board game development.

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