Table For Two – Concept

Whether we are restricted from speaking or from knowing certain pieces of information, something that always draws us to playing a game as a couple is anything that has limits how the players communicate in some way. We love to test our communication skills and see in what ways we can convey information to each other when restricted. One thing that always surprises us in these games though, is that we are always bad at them. Recently we played Concept and that was no different.

Concept is similar to many different party games where everyone splits into teams and one person on a team becomes the clue giver. They have to get their team to say a word or phrase while having restrictions on how they might communicate. In Concept the clue giver is presented with a board of images and a number of tokens and cubes. They place the main concept token first to represent the word that is to be guessed, for example if the word was “milk” you might put the token on the image for “liquid”. Then they place the cubes of the same colour to try and give more detail, keeping with the “milk” example you could place cubes on “food/drink” and “white” and hopefully then your team can figure out your word. There are also sub-concept tokens if you need to expand further for more complex words or phrases. The clue giver is also only allowed say “yes” to anything the team might say (however we also allow them to say “no” when we play).

While it might be strange to think of a party game as a good game to play with just your partner, we think it plays just fine with 2. Instead of splitting into teams we just take turns as clue giver and guesser and we don’t keep any score either. For us the fun is in trying to communicate something to like “croissant” to the other and totally failing. I personally still think “Food” + “brown” + “night/evening/moon” is very obviously croissant but that’s maybe just me.

This is a game we have gone back to play so many times since our first time and I can see us playing it many times in the future. Both of us enjoy Concept a lot and would recommend it fully for any couple out there looking for something fun. You’ll also be surprised what you find out from each other through playing it, for example we learned that we imagine food totally differently. No matter what food I try to give clues for, Ruth can never follow my train of thought and then the board becomes a whole mess of other sub concepts where I am trying to explain the specific country the food comes from, which leads to even further confusion.

What kind of game do you enjoy playing most with your partner?

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