A Week of Gaming

Hello, last week I told you all about Solotober, a yearly challenge run over on boardgamegeek where everyone tries to play a game solo everyday for the entire month. In total 107 people have signed up for the month of fun! Here is a quick rundown of how the first week went for me.

I kicked off Solotober with a race weekend, creating a 7 stage grand tour for Flamme Rouge. I had a lot of fun designing the tracks and creating the drama in my head as if it was a real tour. It’s no secret that this is one of my favourite games because of the simplicity of the rules but the vast creativity it can afford. I think however next time around I will spread the tour over multiple days. Each stage took about an hour to play, not counting set up time, taking pictures, writting blog posts and tracking scores. Needless to say it was not just the cyclists picking up exhaustion and by Sunday I decided to wait until Monday to finish up the blog. For those of you who hadn’t followed you can read the reports on each stage over here (you’ll want to scroll down to the first post).

Up next was the week of Voyages and over the course of the week I really fell in love with this game. It has 5 different maps and while I enjoyed most of them, the 5th and final map is by far my favourite. It brings together all of the best parts of the previous maps into one great map. I also had fun writing my posts as if I was a ship captain, detailing the journey through the game. You can read them all here.

Tomorrow begins the Kingdom of Nalos section, this means that I will be playing games in the Roll Player world. Including taking part in the Roll Player monthly solo challenge. This is another fantastic side of the Boardgamegeek community. Across a large amount of games players use a defined set up and compete against eachother. After the Kingdom of Nalos weekend, I will begin my Town Planning week. I have loved management games ever since I can remember, so I have collected quite a lot of games in this theme (Including even designing one). During the week I will play each one that I own.

Without flooding you all with links, you can check out this post, which I update daily after I play a game with a brief overview of what I enjoyed, along with a link to the blog post where I delve deeper into the game.

I have not just been playing games however, I am still in the progress of designing games. My current game in progress is Diceathlon, which is another roll and write game that I am entering into a new contest. In diceathlon players compete against eachother in various sports and try to win the most medals. It’s currently available in English and German. Both rules need some clarifications across some rules and then I want to also provide the game in Spanish. After the summer games version is complete I hope to have time to add a winter games version, I have all of the sports planned out and it’s just a matter of finding time to create the game sheet. That’s it for this week, let me know what you’ve been playing this October.

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