A Quick Catch Up

I last left you over a month ago, while I was in the midst of Solotober, so what have I been doing since then? Well thats what this post is going to be all about. On top of that I will give a quick overview for what I plan for the remaining days of 2022.

Firstly I completed the Solotober challenge and while I had a great time playing a game everyday, writing an accompanying blog everyday was a little draining on top of everything else. For example, on the days that I played Flamme Rouge, between set up, playing, taking photos and writting the blog it took around 10 hours, which meant the only other thing I did that day was eat. It left me with a bit of burnout on board games until this weekend when I took out a game for the first time since Solotober finished. As well as the long days, I lacked motivation sometimes to try and write longer posts for a game that has not much theme and takes 10 minutes to play, which probably made for some bad content. With this in mind next year I will still keep a blog but only post when I feel there is enough content.

Solotober also gave me a chance to play all the solo games on my shelf, which was perfect timing with the voting for the 2022 People’s Choice Top 200 Solo Games. It wasn’t that difficult for me to make my list since I have only 22 solo games at my disposal currently. There was some surprises for me, in particular Dice Trip: Deustchland making it into the top 10. Walking In Burnao was also a game I had previously dismissed, but it also surprised me and ended up at #5 for me. Once the full list was published I sifted through it to find potential future Top 20 games for my 2023 list. Some of these games are kickstarter games that I am waiting for delivery on, others have been on my watchlist for a while and some are games I hadn’t considered before. This list of games I hope to play next year, means that any of the games that weren’t in my top 10 from 2022 are in danger of slipping out of the top 20 for 2023.

It’s not been all fun and games (well it kind of has) but there was also some work in there. Yesterday the deadline passed for the 13th Roll & Write Design Contest, to which I have entered another game. Last time round with Roll Into Town, I orginally planned to have the entire game fit on one A4 sheet, but the game quickly sprawled out of control and ended up with a 12 page rule book. This time around I wanted to stick with the goal of a single page for game and rules. While I didn’t get time to do everything I wanted with Diceathlon, it will be my first game I designed in German, which is an achievement in itself. I also managed to keep it to that one sheet. The judges will now look at all the games in the contest and the results will be announced sometime next month.

The last thing I have been working on recently has been developing Automa’s, which are basically an AI opponent that behaves like a human player, for Flamme Rouge. This was inspired from discovering Nullitaire Gaming on youtube. This channel showcases zero player games, which is to say that a bunch of AI take on eachother to see which AI is the superior. Initially I wanted to do this for fun to see what kind of automa’s I could design but I have now seen it as a good exercise in learning how to develop your own solo modes for games. I will talk about this in length once I have gone further through the process.

With everything that has passed covered, it’s time to look to the future. From this point I will make a new post every Friday. This post will be a more personal blog recapping the past week of my boardgaming experience. As well as this weekly post I will finish up the automa’s for Flamme Rouge and write in depth about my process behind making them. I will also begin brainstorming for the next contest. I think I will move away from the Roll and Write contest for now and either develop a Curling game for the two-player contest or one an entirely new game for the Solitaire contest.

But for now I’m going to go play my #1 game of 2022. What is the best game you played this year?

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