Weekly Round Up #1

Hello and welcome to my first weekly round up post. It might take me a few posts to come to a proper format for these but lets see how it goes and hop right into it.

In the last post I talked about Nullitaire Gaming and that has dominated most of my board gaming this week. A quick recap for those who didn’t read last weeks post, Nullitaire gaming is when you play with only AI controlled players against eachother. On Monday after the post went live, I began straight away coming up with different playstyles for me to try and replicated for Flamme Rouge. After some practice races and trial and error, I had 6 teams that I was satisfied with and went into the 6 stage grand tour. It was really interesting to see the different bots interact with eachother and also to see the things I planned out to work and some unexpected cases to completely ruin a teams race. I finished the tour yesterday and will publish a post next week going through the process and what I learned.

So obiviously Flamme Rouge is one game I got on my table this week, but were there any others? Well not really. I think I played in total 10 or 11 races of Flamme Rouge which didn’t leave much room for other games. I did however receive an Escape Room advent calendar, with yesterday being the first day to open it. Each day you recieve a puzzle and the answer of the puzzle guides you to which door to open for the next day. The whole advent calendar market in Germany is so much more varied than I’ve ever seen in Ireland, not only are there all these escape room puzzles but I have seen ones for dogs, for retired people or for screwdrivers and hammers.

The voting for the roll and write contest close this weekend and hopefully I’ll have some news for you next week regarding the results. As for future contests I have decided to enter into both the two player contest and the solotaire contest. For the two player contest I have a curling game that is for the most part developed enough that it is close enough to being ready for blind playtesters, so I feel like this one won’t require so much time which will allow me to focus on the solotaire contest. A game for which I have not yet decided on, I really want to do a game about backpacking and it’s been in my ideas list for a long time but I have never been able to quite figure out how to put it down into compelling mechanics. Another possible idea is a boxing campaign game where you start out as a local boxer and try to become world champ by rolling dice to throw punches.

That’s about it for this week, it was a quiet one as I got sucked into the world of Flamme Rouge once again and let everything else pass me by. Next week is my last week in Germany this year, so I will be making the most of the games I have available here before I leave.

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